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If you have decided that your business could benefit from having a website then this is where you select which package suits your business needs,  there are various packages available depending on your company budgets.  If you do not know which package suits your company needs please feel free to contact us for a no obligation consultation.

Here is what comes as standard with all packages:

  1. Expert advice and assistance from client liaison and technical personnel.
  2. Your company's own personalised web address.(
  3. Personalised e-mail addresses forwarded to your existing e-mail address.
  4. One year free web hosting (worth £75)
  5. Professional personalised design, including text, graphics, site navigation and enquiry form.


Submission to all major search engines.

Please note after completing one year of hosting you will have to renew the hosting.

If our web package does not suit your needs you can request a quote from above link. Here is how it would work:

Initial Consultation

Your initial consultation can take place over the phone or via email - whichever is most convenient.

Number of pages

The number of pages you would want including a contact us page.

Creation and submission of sitemaps

A sitemap, crudely, is a list of pages on your site. It can take the form of a web page which your visitors can see and use to navigate to pages on your site. Rubelon WebTec also provides Google and Yahoo sitemaps for its clients. Such sitemaps supply Yahoo and Google with the direct addresses of each page of your site, when that page was last updated, and the hierarchy of these pages in your site.

Domain Name Registration

A good web address gives your company a professional appearance. Rubelon WebTec can consult on a good domain name for your business, as well as registering domain names for your business. Domain name registration is subject to an annual charge.

Site hosting

A web host is the physical location where the files for your website are stored and "served" to your readers. Rubelon WebTec can host the site for you for a reasonable cost. Hosting is subject to annual charge

Site maintenance

Should you need to change any text or photos on your site (your opening hours, contact details, product details) infrequently, then this can be covered by an additional period of site maintenance. This is quoted ad hoc.

If you anticipate frequent changes to your website, and would like to be able to undertake these changes yourself, please look at our content management systems(CMS) package.